Namibia is Africa's best kept hunting secret, with the biggest diversity of animals to be found anywhere in Africa. WESTFALEN HUNTING SAFARIS is one of Namibia's premier hunting destinations with a flawless reputation for offering affordable, old style Hunting in Africa. We firmly believe in conservation through utilisation and have absolute respect for nature and all it's being.

We custom design affordable Rifle and Archery Hunts with Professional and well experienced PH's to suit each client's physical abilities and wishes. Hunting season is from February 1 - November 30. Bow hunting takes place in October and November only. We offer excellent bow hunting of our FREE RANGE animals. Underground bow blinds, situated strategically at waterholes, ensures that trophy animals get within range and provide secure shots.

Our private hunting area covers 37 000 acres and is situated in North Western Namibia. As part of the Loxodonta Africana Conservancy, covering over 650 000 acres, we offer a large variety of FREE RANGING Plains game. This is the only area in the world where the combination of special animals like Mountain Zebra, Damara Dik-Dik as well as Oryx is found in their natural habitat, and may be hunted on the same safari.

The terrain is mainly Mopane woodland with granite "koppies". Some areas are quite rugged and can only be explored on foot. These are also the areas where the Mountain Zebra can be found.

Since our hunting style entails a lot of walking and stalking, we recommend sturdy hunting clothes in either dark colours or camouflage. It is best to bring layers and one warm jacket. Good, flat sole, worn in boots are recommended, if they can be high enough to protect your socks from the grass seeds, even better.

We serve a full breakfast around 6:00, have lunch packs in the bush and everyone gathers around the fire for drinks and dinner at night.

Our operation is family friendly and young hunters and woman are encouraged to join in the hunting activities. Observers are welcome to join the hunt of just relax in camp.

By law, the smallest calibre rifle that may be imported to Namibia is a 270. However, our animals take a lot of punishment, and we recommend any calibre that the hunter is comfortable with and shoots at least a 180-200 grain bullet. A maximum of 100 rounds of ammunition may be imported. You cannot bring semi-auto firearms or handguns into Namibia. All rifles will be sighted at the shooting range before the start of the hunt.

Please consult your local authorities regarding exporting of your firearms and ammunition. It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the regulations regarding the policy of taking ammunition on airlines. If you plan on spending a night in South Africa on your way to Namibia, you will be required to temporarily import your firearm to S.A. and all the S.A. limitations, requirements, etc will apply. You will be required to complete the Pol 573 Application and e-mail the document to: firearmairport@nampol.na 15 - 20 days before your arrival in Namibia. You will again be required to complete a Namibian Firearm Application upon arrival in Windhoek at Hosea Kutako International Airport. Please find our invitation letter in the link above, complete and keep with you while travelling.

Trophies are handled with utmost care until they are ready to be shipped to the destination of each client's choice or taxidermist. This process usually takes about three to four months.

You should have at least 4 tags per trophy, even if you do not know where you want them shipped to yet. Your own business cards will make great trophy tags and the plastic ties can be purchased from any hardware store. We cannot be held responsible for any lost trophies that were not tagged properly.

Namibia is regarded as one of the safest and most stable countries in Africa with proper legislation regarding the management of it's natural resources and trophy hunting. Together, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Namibia Professional Hunters Association, ensures that only legal, ethical practices are allowed. For peace of mind, hunt with a NAPHA member.

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